The Last Waltz – 40 years in Frisco

This is for those who have watched or listened to The Last Waltz up into the triple digits. Those who know every player by name, by album, by instrument, and by history.

The Last Waltz to me is the musical equivalent of fuzzy socks, a warm fire in a log cabin, and an endless glass of whiskey.

Fever in my chest

Ol Frisco fever night

Before the Flood

Starry night

Read your Testimony in the Northern Lights


Weight of Ages

Southern Sages

The Night they Drove Old Dixie’s mages

Feast Thanksgiving’s theater graces

on The Last Waltz plates

Testimony’s pages


I kneel beneath

Southern cross

I walk the line

to find lost voice


I testify

Fat mamma rag

Lead basement floor

The Last Waltz tap dance


Down the river drown

Mississippi Queen

Sing your river hymn

Forgiven Testimony


Clink your glasses stomp your feet

40 years Thanksgiving Anniversary treat


The Last Waltz

Time Machine

Penny to ride

Take a load for free

Robbie throw me the keys


Swamp fog rhythms

Done lay their hands on me

Good ol night

Lead weight hayride

Frisco summer daydream


I waltz with you

Under Winterland stars

Northern light sky above

Ring your bell echo heart



Mississippi Queen

I wrote our history down

in a Big Pink hedonistic dream


Before the flood

Swamp mist troubadour

Evangeline done broke my

Cripple fever heart


The night they drove old dixie down

I hung my head with lead weight crown

Cracked rung rusted wedding bells

Cold feet

Stage fright

Chest fever swells


Follow you down

Drown in the flood

Big mamma gonna keep you

Forever young

About Adrienne Gomez

Beat Poet throwback lost in Modern Times
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